Thermal Swimming Pools


Our last creation. A beautiful swimming pool; an architectural and aesthetic masterpiece, endowed by a dynamic intelligence.
Constantly fed by one of our hot springs has a constant temperature of 36 °Csophisticated technologies and features that allow you to perform treatments on the entire body.
The path, if the customer intends to use every opportunity, takes about 60 minutes.
The wellness program allows the customer to cross and stop in 37 hydro and 16 waterfalls. Of course these settings can also be used individually for each specific part of the body or for targeted and specific solution
Smarter than that!


If its cousin is smart this particular pool is unbeatable!

It may seem like a montage but it’s a real picture! A beautiful pool, located in the middle of a green plain it is “victim” of a wonderful nature and deep and endless views.
Able to create the conditions to activate our more positive thoughts, and complete the relaxation only when the last sun ray disappears behind the first hill on the horizon.


Included in the large structure of the Spa, this pool gives the results of hydrotherapy or of a swimming in a more private and intimate place. Sometimes one may need to move its body or even just to reflect in a “protected&quot place to give this time of inner well-being just to itself or to a loved one who is close to us.