Thermal Treatments


Our treatments start from the Mud: stabilized in temperature, is applied with times and scientific methods that allow you to achieve maximum effectiveness in the results, to treat and prevent various diseases, stimulating and regenerating tissues, restoring energy and vitality. Especially useful for its anti-inflammatory potential. Recommended to treat diseases of the bones and joints as: Osteoarthritis and other degenerative, non-articular rheumatism, fibrosis, Tendinitis, Lumbago.
The methods of scientific and times shown are a “wisdom”, the result of long studies and multiple applications, that we prefer to keep with discretion for us.
It is after all what we are able to store and preserve heat and therefore facilitate the implosion in the body of the properties of the mineral water.

It Takes six months of maturation in specific tanks to obtain the finished product, to be used then with great rapidity.

The application occurs, normally, fasting and at a stabilized temperature of about 45 ° C for 15 minutes.
It followes, according to the prescription, of a shower or a therapeutic bath.
It all ends with a relaxing “rest” in bed to facilitate the so-called reaction, for a period varying from person to person.
The Spa Complex Vescine uses a technologically advanced system for mud therapy.


Bath Therapy, with the physical properties of our water, are enhanced to achieve the well-being of the body and tend to a valuable mental and physical balance. The bath also has aesthetic effect as an adjunct in the treatment of cellulite and skin aging. In fact exerts a stimulating action in the aftermath of venous diseases of chronic and peripheral vascular disease. It cleanses and purifies the skin to treat Psoriasis, Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis, Acne.
The spa bath in brief is an immersion in our hyperthermal water at a temperature of about 37 ° for a period of 10 minutes.
Is in the rest of the next reaction period that result. the substantial benefits.
The poly-arthrosis and in particular vascular disease of the lower limbs are the most important diseases to have benefit.


The Aerosol, made by the fractionation of the thermal water at a constant temperature, is ideal for cooling and treat diseases of the respiratory system, taking advantage of the active ingredients of the water. Best suited for healing, both in children and in adults, diseases such as chronic bronchitissimple or accompanied by an obstructive component, rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, chronic sinusitis.


This our beneficial therapeutic peculiarities due to the above mentioned, actually care diseases affecting the respiratory system. In accordance with the medical indications is applied to a specific mask or a nasal bifurcation.


Aerosol is applied in the same locations, but the positioning of the patient is about 30 cm from a specific inhaler that throws massive hypertermal water particles (100 microns) to be inhaled through the nose and in some cases also with the mouth holding it opened. This therapy is indicated for diseases of the upper respiratory tract.


The tubal insufflation is carried out by specialists after an appropriate medical examination and treatment. Through the sulphurous gas, insufflation exercises a positive and decisive intervention to treat diseases such as tubal stenosis, chronic catarrhal otitis, otitis in general.

This application made through a small probe called “catheter of  Itard” solves disorders such as deafness.
This particular hearing loss includes a set of conditions which cause a conductive hearing loss associated with inflammatory processes of the nose-pharynx , the Eustachian tube and the ear.
Patients, before being admitted to the course of treatment, undergo ENT specialist.